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Tall Girls Rock!

Navigating life as a "tall girl" can present unique challenges, such as standing out in crowds at all times and frequent stares, jokes, questions, and comments from others. I LOVE BEING TALL, but I haven't always loved it. My daydreams of doing aerials, back handsprings, front tucks, and other gymnast skills were short-lived. Simone Biles, you're lucky! It wasn't exactly fun being over 6 feet tall in middle school and towering over everyone in the hallways. I love to dance, but no one was dancing with the tall girl at the 8th grade dance. I love clothes and shoes, but shopping to accommodate long legs (and complimentary long feet) is particularly challenging. Is the fashion world ever going to catch up and realize that 5'8 isn't really tall any more? Come on, it's 2023. Uuuggghhh...

Being tall can be challenging, yet rewarding. Being tall can be empowering.

How do you feel about being tall? It's essential to embrace your height and focus on the positive aspects it brings. Surround yourself with supportive people and celebrate your uniqueness. My height is just one thing that makes me unique. Self-confidence and self-acceptance will make a big difference in how you perceive and handle the benefits and challenges related to your height. Self-love is a learned skill that will enhance your happiness and impact every area of your life. Since shrinking is not something you're probably facing soon, you may as well embrace your height. In upcoming blogs, I will share personal stories, advice, and resources on how to embrace your your height...and rock your height! Stand tall, my Sister!

Sharing a picture of one of my favorite tall girls--my youngest child who is topping the charts in kindergarten!

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